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There are Multiple Pathways to Recovery.
Our Mission is to Inspire, Encourage, and Support the Transitional Growth of Individuals, Families and Communities Spiritually, Mentally, Physically, and Economically. 

About Us


Brothers in Recovery (BIR) is a 35-year old mutual-aid organization specializing in the support of long-term recovery. We are a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization with headquarters in West Harlem, composed of Black and Latino men who are active members of their community. Our organization continues to expand, working toward a nationally recognized peer-recovery model and long-term recovery support system.

BIR Forever!



Since 1988, the foundation of Brothers in Recovery has been a 3-day spiritual retreat toward the end of each June. Retreats have traditionally been held in upstate New York, but converted to a Zoom platform in 2021, given COVID-19 safety considerations. We look forward to continuing in-person retreats in the future.

*While BIR is an inclusive organization throughout the many of our events and activities, BIR spiritual retreats are typically reserved for men to come together in brotherhood. We remain in active discussion about increasing the inclusivity of our offerings in the near future.


The BIR brothers come together several times per week in group support and fraternity - in Manhattan, Brooklyn and the Southern Region.


Manhattan BIR Support Group

Thursdays @ 6:30 PM

Brooklyn BIR Support Group

Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM

Southern Region (VA, GA, TN, TX, FL) - BIR South Region Support Group

Tuesdays @ 6:30 PM

*Support meetings are virtual due to COVID-19. Please contact via chat or email for Zoom information.*


BIR trains individuals, through the principles of recovery, to transform their lives and the lives of others. The foundation of this training is the Recovery Coach Academy (RCA) course developed by Connecticut Community for Addiction and Recovery ( As peers with lived experience, BIR members promote the diverse paths to long-term recovery and eliminating stigma. We supply certified and qualified coaches, as well as peer advocates, directly from to partnering entities including heath systems, criminal justice/law enforcement, insurance providers, community stakeholders, and grassroots organizations.



Abdul Muizz
"I have been a member of Brothers in Recovery since 1989, before it was officially incorporated. This organization has made a profound improvement to my life. Never before had I been able to maintain a trusted bond with men of similar traumatic backgrounds who helped each other change and become productive members of society. Thanks Brothers in Recovery. I owe you for the magnificent life that I enjoy today."

Reggie Mitchell

"I became a member of BIR after hearing so much about this organization of men in the Harlem area. This was April of 2003, I believe. One of my fondest memories of this organization was being the first member to ever bring their young son to the Spiritual Retreat, how amazing this was. Brothers in Recovery sponsors an annual men’s retreat, and has been doing so for over thirty years. These retreats are the life blood of every member. I can only begin to describe the impact this organization has and continues to have on my life, especially a man of color in the 20th century. BIR along with its annual retreat is like no other, something you have to experience to fully understand. I have grown so much, mentally and emotionally as a result of the brotherhood we share as members of brother’s in recovery. I highly recommend if you are a man looking for a spiritually fulfilling organization, which has been saving lives for over 30yrs - I suggest you seek us out. 



Anthony G.

"The BIR brothers offered me a sense of trust, and honesty, that is central to the organization. I've shared the problems I have encountered with family, friends, acquaintances, and so forth.  The brothers showed me how to handle that world out there. And what's cool about BIR, they are honestly willing to help you as an individual, our communities, and people as a whole equally.  I love these brothers because there are many who have followed the same path I did in life, and found ways to handle them.


This organization helped me and others understand that PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) (I am a Vietnam Veteran of 69/70) isn't only with veterans. There are many people in the world today suffering from PTSD, not just war veterans. I learned that during a seminar BIR held with a Psychologist...Guys I've spoken with, taught me how to access the right help, no matter what the problem may be. They'll find somebody that can help.


Gave me heads up on how to handle relationships a little better than I've done in the past as well, from conversations is our group sessions....The seminars on health, physical and mental. Outstanding,  BIR FOREVER.  Man, a  great organization for young and old. BIR saved my present life, and gave me an outlook for the future, with optimism that's constructive, physically and mentally.  Only if I truly want what some of them were able to acquire, and that's grace, faith and belief. It's what we search for. And in acquiring those three things I've found some sanity. Only if I am willing to listen, and adapt what is optimistically constructive. Amen.  Outstanding. BIR FOREVER."     


Robert B.

"I have been a member of BIR for over 10 yrs. In that time I owe much of my growth as a man, a father, and a brother to this group. BIR has allowed me to take what I had learned through my 12 step exposure to the next level. Attending the support meetings involved talking to men in a more realistic and honest manner while having no restrictions on subject matter. This was an experience I was unaccustomed to doing. I learned through this to trust and express myself in a safe setting, to listen and give honest caring feedback without fear of judgement, especially with other men. 


Sober living for me is more than just not drinking and drugging but becoming a participant in my Community, fulfilling my duty as a human being and contributing to society. I would like to believe I have become a positive role model for other men and women in my community which is BIR’s mission. I look forward to attending our yearly retreat in the mountains where we discuss the  past years events and any issues that we have been unable to resolve. 


It is a time of purging ourselves of negative thoughts and emotions and gaining serenity and peace. I will celebrate 33 years of clean and sober living on October 12th, 2021 with God's grace."


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